Ancient Egyptian Art Inside Le Louvre

Visiting the Louvre has always been a dream of mine. The mighty museum houses the Louvre of some of the greatest artists in history, and it also holds a special place in my heart because it contains so many relics from Ancient Egypt as well, my goal was to check out the Ancient Egyptian art inside Le Louvre.
My love for all things Ancient Egyptian is what made me make the Louvre the first stop during my family’s recent trip to Paris.
Allow me to start off by complimenting Paris. In the movies, you always see it as a city of lively artistry, with the myriad people inhabiting Paris weaving a diverse tapestry of never ending life. The reality of it is that Paris is far beyond anything you could ever see in any movie.


We got to stay at an excellent hotel with a clear view of the Eiffel tower called the Hotel le Littre. It was close to pretty much every major tourist attraction in Paris and had the added benefits of having immediate access to restaurants (oh French cuisine!) and the excellent Parisian public transport system as well.

eiffel tower view

Once we got to the Louvre it took us a few minutes to wrap our mind around just how massive the place was. It would have been impossible to check the place out from end to end in a single day, or even an entire weekend if you wanted to check out every incredible piece in detail! There were over thirty thousand pieces of art in the Louvre, and if you counted each individual object, including sculptures and relics the number increased to several hundred thousand. A tour guide told me that the total value of the artwork in le Louvre exceeded one hundred billion dollars!

inside louvre museum
The most popular exhibit by far was the Mona Lisa. The room in which the Mona Lisa was housed was packed with people from around the world, and we had to wait in line for quite some time before we were able to see it.


monalisa room

We headed straight to the section that exhibited ancient Egyptian art in Le Louvre after checking the Mona Lisa out. I was struck by how creepy all of the artifacts were, particularly due to the fact that the exhibit was housed in a lower basement level!

musee du louvre

I took a lot of pictures of the various sarcophagus, sculptures and other smaller artifacts. My favorite was a sculpture called, “the Sitting Scribe”!

sitting scribe inside louvre

“Seated Scribe” by Gbaotic . Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons 

It took us over three hours to survey the entire basement level of le Louvre, and that too because we only took perfunctory glances at things that we weren’t completely interested in.
I loved my experience checking out Ancient Egyptian art in Le Louvre, and highly recommend you do the same! Even if ancient Egyptian art is not your thing, the range of artwork in the museum is so diverse that you are guaranteed to find something or the other that is to your liking.