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The Bridge Of Sighs In Venice

I have recently returned from a trip to Venice, Italy. Italy has always been one of my favorite countries in the world. After all, this geographic area has played such an important role in shaping human society as we know it today! Italy is a country steeped in history, and it shows.
I went to Venice with my wife and teenage son. One thing I noticed was that my son had a great time there as well! Usually, cultural vacations are too much for my son to swallow and he often gets very bored. In Venice, on the other hand, he had an absolutely smashing time, mostly because the attractions we saw in Venice were so beautiful and unique.
We stayed at the Liassidi Palace Hotel which served as an excellent base camp for our adventures. The rooms we got were excellent, but we don’t really remember all that much about them because the only times we used them were at the end of the day when we were about to collapse with exhaustion! Venice had so much to offer that the rooms didn’t really play a very prominent role in our vacations.
My wife and I have an affinity for the famous bridges in Venice. We are fans of architecture in general, and Venice is known for its incredibly bridges. Above all of the famous bridges in Venice, the one all of us enjoyed the most was the Bridge of Sighs.bridge-of-sighs-238412_1920 The Bridge of Sighs is perhaps one of the most well known of the famous bridges in Venice.
Made of white limestone, the bridge is essentially a passageway across one of Venice’s famous canals. This passageway is quite short, but offers breathtaking views of the canal below. This is actually the reason why this bridge has been named the Bridge of Sighs!
The bridge is also noteworthy because of its history, much like so many other places in Venice. The bridge would offer convicts in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries their last glimpses of the outside world before being imprisoned. It was said that convicts crossing the bridge would sigh when they looked through the windows at the canal below, as the last view of the outside world they were getting was so utterly beautiful.bridge venice
It is a rather cruel punishment to show a person the most beautiful view in the world just moments before they are never going to be able to see the outside world at all for a long time. However, the bridge today is no longer used for such sordid affair.
Nowadays, this famous bridge in Venice is rumored to be a place where eternal love is born! If you and your partner are taking one of Venice’s famed Gondola rides during a full moon and kiss each other right as the gondola passes beneath the Bridge of Sighs, you will be granted eternal love!famous bridges in Venice
Venice is a heartbreakingly romantic city, and the Bridge of Sighs is one of its most romantic features.