Top 10 Amazing Places In The World You Must Visit


Nothing can compare to nature sightseeing on real hiking tours. Yet driving by car through such wonderful scenery, pulling down the windows, enjoying the air and some soothing music, these roads can give just right taste for an awesome day or a pleasant chill-out after a hectic day!

#1 Col de Tende, Alps, Italy

©Ralf Schmid

#2 Atlantic Road, Norway


#3 Trollstigen, Norway


#4 Transfagarasan, Carpathians, Romania


#5 Furka Pass, Alps, Switzerland


#6 Passo Dello Stelvio, Alps, Italia


#7 Tichka Road – Marrakech – Morocco

©Naciri Khadija

#8 Leba Mountain Pass – Angola

©Vitor Guerreiro

#8 Road On Atlas Mountains – Morocco

©Kamal SIMOU

#9 East Sikkim Silk Route, Indian Himalayas Overlooking Tukla Valley & Clouds

©Saptarshi Haldar

#10 Sill Route, East Sikkim, Indian Himalaya

©Saptarshi Haldar

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